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     The shooting traditions of the Landaluce family hark back to the very beginning of driven 

        partridge shooting in the late nineteeth century, offer this excepcional sporting experience to

        the public. Thanks to the dedication and professionalism of this family and their staff over the 

        years, Cacerķas Azor is recognized worldwide as the pinnacle of the driven partidge shooting.


       Cacerķas Azor is the oldest partridge shooting stablishment in Europe, and covers the largest

       territory anywhere in Spain. With steadfast dedication to this activity it has amassed  an area

       encompassing more shooting territory than all its competitors combined. The experience of the 

       Landaluce family and their impresive territory has created the only organization  with the ability

       to  offer traditional partridge shooting in true sporting manner.     


                                                      alfonsoXIII.JPG (131254 bytes)   

           A shoot at the turn of the century on one of the Landaluce“s properties with HRH Alfonso XIII 

                                                      AZORCOCHE.JPG (89067 bytes)   

                            The result of  of a drive, with only three shooters, in the early twenties              

                                                      vacas-coche.JPG (143002 bytes) 

                                                   A  Four Wheel Drive ??

                                                      duque.JPG (130470 bytes)           

    An impresive bag of over one hundred partridges in a single drive by one of the finest shots in Europe